Mar 23 -- Apr 27/17
Apr 27/17
Speaker: Ken Tapping - The Sun, Earth and Us
Ken Tapping is an astronomer with the National Research Council's Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory at White Lake.
When the Solar System was formed some 4.5 billion years ago, the Sun was a
lot fainter than it is now. At the time life appeared, at least 3.5 billion
years ago, the Sun was about 30% fainter than it is now, yet on Earth there
were liquid oceans, and there are still liquid oceans today. Over history
there has been a complex interaction between the Earth and Sun that has kept conditions stable. Even the ice ages and glaciations were relatively minor perturbations in the Sun/Earth relationship. Now we are in the equation, and our activities are affecting this relationship. In addition, our increasing dependence upon technical infrastructure has introduced a whole new set of vulnerabilities. In this talk we will examine the Sun/Earth/Us relationship, and where it might lead.

Mar 23/17
Speaker: Burrowing Owls in BC and Around the World.
Lauren Meads, Field Director and South Okanagan Operations Manager of the Burrowing Owl Conservation Society of BC., will speak about the progress the Society and its partners is making in burrowing owl recovery. Lauren says “we are increasingly working with partners in reversing the decline of burrowing owls in the Americas. These partners are in the US, the rest of Canada and even into South America. We continue to make great strides with our program here in BC with the expansion of suitable habitat with many engaged land stewards. What will be the future of burrowing owl recovery in BC and potentially the world in the coming years? I will also bring with me our newest member of the education team: Pluto the Burrowing Owl”
Jan 26 -- Feb 23/17
Jan 26/17
members' night slide shows
Our January meeting will be members' night slide shows and pizza night

Feb 23/17
Speaker: Elvia Dumas
Impressions from my safari in East Africa. Elvia Dumas will provide a look at the people, animals and birds of Kenya and Tanzania, where she spent two exciting weeks last February.
Dec... - Nov 24/16
no meeting
Christmas bird counts (more info under Birding/Christmas Bird Counts)

Nov 24/16
Speaker:Dr. Brian Horejsi
Club member Dr. Brian Horejsi is a wildlife scientist and forester.
Grizzly bears; the biology of conservation. Why is it that the conservation of viable grizzly bear populations presents such a difficult problem for humans? I discuss the biology and behavior of bears as it relates to the conflict between humans and bears over space and resources.
Oct 27 - Sept 22/16
Oct 27/16
AGM, details to follow
Speaker: Jay Kehne - Working for Wildlife: Maintaining Okanogan’s working lands and wildlife heritage
Jay Kehne, Okanagan Outreach Associate with Conservation Northwest, will speak about Working for Wildlife, an initiative of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. The initiative aims to sustain the traditional agricultural uses and values that families have maintained for generations to ensure that we still have working ranches, forests, and wildlife coexisting here a hundred years from now. The program also looks to protect and enhance open spaces, migration paths, and habitat connections for wildlife, winter range for mule deer, and habitat for sharp-tailed grouse across the Okanogan Valley and highlands.
Jay has been a Meadowlark Festival event leader on the Kilpoola IBA tour for the last four years. On these tours, he explained the Washington State Wolf pack situation and the importance of wildlife corridors.

Sept 22/16Hummingbird Banding and Hummingbird Facts
Sue Elwell will describe the process used to trap and band hummingbirds, the information gathered for the Canadian Wildlife Service and the US Bird Banding Lab, facts about the species in our area, plus interesting anatomical facts.
How did Sue become a bander? Cam Finley, who started the Hummingbird Project of BC in 1997, was looking to start a group to band in all the north/south valleys. Because of his friendship with Madelon Schouten and her association with the Vermilion Forks Field Naturalists, he worked for quite a few years trying to get a group going in Princeton. I volunteered to help in 2010 and was asked if I was interested in banding. I agreed and was trained in 2010 and 2011. Once I had my banding permit in 2012 the Princeton Group was off and running.
July 24 - May 26/16
July 24/16
Picnic join us for a Picnic at Summerland Research Station - 3-7, dinner at 5

no meeting June, July or Aug - Take time to show off our beautiful OKANAGAN to your friends & summer visitors

May 26/16
The Ants of British Columbia: Ecological Giants Shadowed by Invasives
Ants are one of the most successful groups of animals on the planet. While only approximately 15,000 species have been described, making them a species diversity lightweight within the insects, they contribute more biomass to most ecosystems than any other animal group. The social behaviour of ants is truly fascinating, ranging from weakly social species that feed on the blood of their own young to highly organized slave takers, farmers and ranchers. Here Entomologist Dr. Rob Higgins will look at some of this diversity in British Columbia and also take a look at new arrivals that are overshadowing this group, the fire ants.
All meetings are held at the United Church (the corner of Main and Eckhardt Streets, Penticton). Join us for our meeting at 7 pm, coffee social at 7:30 pm and our speaker presentation follows at 8 pm - Everyone welcome!

We meet the fourth Thursday of each month, except no meetings in June, July, August or December - but remember the Christmas Bird Counts!