Song Sparrow -Alex Bodden

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  1. Question: I have what I think is a song sparrow that has been hanging out at my window for weeks….shrub..2 feet from front glass window. He/she will land on the windows edge and peer in intently. Not territorial type behaviorl, just seems very inquisitive and will return to at odd times of the day clearly looking in the window. He sings on occasion as he is sitting. Doesn’t hang out with the other birds in finches, chickadees, etc…ignores them completely. I call him my little spirit bird. Been trying to photo him from inside the window but hard to get a good shot. Love sparrows but haven’t seen one on the property before. Do you have any thoughts on the behavior as I’m puzzeled? He just landed on the sill as I’m writing this…looked in for a second and retreated to his bush. He will do this 2 or 3 times in a row? Not sure what he is looking for?

    1. Song sparrows do show up in backyards most often in the winter season. They normally like to be closer to water, but things like feeders and warmth draw them to almost any location. I have one in my yard right now as well and it tends to have out by itself as well. At the feeder it usually drives everything else away. They can be pretty territorial and it probably sees its own reflection in the window glass and figures it is a competitor.


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