May & June: SONC 2017 Trip Schedule

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May & June 2017

Most of the rambles will be around 3 hours & within a short drive. Some will have car shuttles so we don’t have to double back.

These trips are a combination of wildflowers, geology, history & the great outdoors and the greatest of companions! And of course birds!

Alex Bodden —
Wendy Stewart —
Charmaine Foster —
Further details on each trip will be emailed to members a few weeks prior to the date.

May 8-14/17
Wings over the Rockies, Invermere (4-day excursion) ***

Sunday, June 18/17
Molson, Washington – Charmaine
(passport required)

SONC 2017 Tentative Trip Schedule

April 9 Quilchena, Merritt Alex

May 8-14 Wings over the Rockies, Invermere (4-day excursion) ***

June 18 Molson, Washington Charmaine

July 9 Mt. Kobau, Oliver Wendy

Aug 10 Manning Park Alex

Sept 10 Hedley, Mascot Mine Charmaine

Oct 17 Golden Mile, Oliver Charmaine

*** The “ Wings over the Rockies “ details as to accommodations, etc will be sent out in late March. Go to the website to see what programs were given in 2016. (2017 not yet available)


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