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ImageJaney VoldenOther BirdsGreat Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) seen in September, roosting quietly during the day. Near Skaha Lake, Okanagan Falls.
ImageJaney VoldenFauna – animals both large and smallTwo California Bighorn Sheep ewes (Ovis Canadensis) on rocks high above Skaha Lake, on Eastside Road, near Okanagan Falls.
ImageJaney VoldenFlora – Wildflowers and plants of all typesPink blooms that signal the coming of summer, growing in grassland embankment. Bitterroot (Lewisia rediviva) apparently an Okanagan species at risk. Visited by Swallowtail butterfly (Papilionidae).
ImageJaney VoldenLandscapes – natural landscapes of all types; may include man-made structures within the photoVaseux Lake (fed and drained by Okanagan River); Macintyre Bluff in distance. Vaseux Lake Bird Observatory close by; a quiet lake surrounded by a diversity of wetlands, marsh, and arid grassland.
ImageJaney VoldenWaterfowlTrumpeter swans (Olor buccinator), wintering on Skaha Lake, Okanagan Falls area. Nesting areas Alaska and Northern Canada.
 Image Photographer's Name Category Photo Title