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Congratulations on being selected to be included in the Penticton Museum exhibition of the South Okanagan Naturalists’ Club’s photo contest images. This exhibition will feature 100 of the nearly 600 images entered in the contest including winners, honourable mentions and other selected images.

We require an enlarged hi-resolution print of your photo(s), mounted on foam board, by September 27 for the Museum exhibition. Prints not submitted by this date will not be eligible for the exhibition or any prizes.

Mounted prints must be delivered to the Penticton Museum by 4p.m. on September 27.
All prints will be returned to the owners at the end of the exhibition.

Photographer’s Statement
We require a statement from you confirming that you took the photo and giving the location of the photograph (we do not want GPS coordinates). Your statement should also include your acknowledgement that you have complied with all of the contest rules as stated on the contest website. This statement should be submitted as soon as possible by replying to this email. If we have not received this statement by Sept 16 we will assume you are not participating in the exhibition.

Your statement should include why you took this photo and any other relevant information. This is especially important if the title of your image does not describe the subject. (A few examples of photographer’s statements are at the end of this page.)

The winners in the various categories, as well as the grand prize winner, will be announced at the grand opening on October 4. All photos exhibited will also be eligible to be voted the Raymond James People’s Choice Award to be chosen by those who visit the Museum during the exhibition.

If you decide to not accept this invitation to exhibit your photo, please let us know as soon as possible.

Print Details
We recommend that prints be 12 by 18 inches (portrait or landscape) on pearl finish paper – not glossy finish. You can, of course, have them printed anywhere and foam-core board is available at Staples and other stores. The London Drugs photo lab in Penticton is offering all contestants a 20% discount on printing and foam-core mounting so the discounted price will be about $17.00. If 12x18 does not fit your photo format you may use 12x12 for square photos or 6x20 for panoramas.

To use the London Drugs on line system go to photolab.londondrugs.com At the top of the page click on My Projects and then select Mounted and Laminated Prints and then select Mounting and then select Mount followed by selecting Photo Paper. Just keep following the instructions from there. It actually is simpler than it sounds. You can then pick it up at the store.

Note: for the 20% discount available to contestants enter the code SONC2018PC in the box labelled “special instructions” near the end of the checkout process. Do NOT enter it in the promo code box. If you are taking your image file into the store give them the code at that time.

If you submit your photos on line, you will be given the chance to pay when you pick them up or pay on line. If you pay on line you will NOT receive the discount.

If you have any questions contact Bob at: soncbob@shaw.ca or Wendy at: wendyastewart@shaw.ca

Examples of Photographers’ Statements

  • Robber Fly (Stenopogan inquinatus) This amazing predatory insect captures other insects in flight and subdues it by injecting a paralyzing saliva. I saw this one at Sawmill Lake, west of Oliver and followed it around for about 5 minutes to capture this shot. The brutality of life in nature is evident in this image. Nikon d7000 with Nikkor 60mm f /2.8 at f/13 ISO200
  • Blue flax (Linum Perenne), native to the Okanagan, seen in quiet grassy meadow, on backroad above Green Lake, Okanagan Falls area.
  • Showy native Milkweed (Asclepias speciose). Milk sapped perennial wild grassland plant from the Dogbane family. Found along quiet Eastside Road beside Skaha Lake, Okanagan Falls area.
  • Wood duck (Aix sponsa)  Male wood ducks are amongst the most visually striking of the waterfowl. A healthy population inhabits the Penticton Oxbow chain. It is a great symbol for the diversity and importance of local waterways such as the oxbows. Nikon d7000 with Nikkor 70-300 f/4.5 - 5.6 at 300 mm, f/8.0 ISO500