Speaker: Dr. Brian Horejsi

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Nov 24/16

Club member Dr. Brian Horejsi is a wildlife scientist and forester.
Grizzly bears; the biology of conservation. Why is it that the conservation of viable grizzly bear populations presents such a difficult problem for humans? I discuss the biology and behavior of bears as it relates to the conflict between humans and bears over space and resources.


  1. Dear Dr. Horejsi
    I am a Rossland Citizen concerned about a nearly approved expansion of Red Mountain Resorts. The project being applied for is a 10 rental Cabin development in a subalpine basin (Paradise Basin), where currently there is “only” a ski lodge, lift and of course runs. It will be in known grizzly, wolverine etc. territory.
    Can you help me out with advice on phrasing my “concerns” to FLNR officials? I understand you are quite familiar with the Granby area, of which these grizzlies, and other wide ranging animals would naturally be part of (locally known as the Rossland Range)
    Thank you…Scott Leyland
    ph. 250-362-9436

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