Speaker: Jay Kehne – Working for Wildlife

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Oct 27/16
AGM, details to follow

Maintaining Okanogan’s working lands and wildlife heritage
Jay Kehne, Okanagan Outreach Associate with Conservation Northwest, will speak about Working for Wildlife, an initiative of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. The initiative aims to sustain the traditional agricultural uses and values that families have maintained for generations to ensure that we still have working ranches, forests, and wildlife coexisting here a hundred years from now. The program also looks to protect and enhance open spaces, migration paths, and habitat connections for wildlife, winter range for mule deer, and habitat for sharp-tailed grouse across the Okanogan Valley and highlands.
Jay has been a Meadowlark Festival event leader on the Kilpoola IBA tour for the last four years. On these tours, he explained the Washington State Wolf pack situation and the importance of wildlife corridors.

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