Speaker: Paul Preston – Mysterious Nightjars of the South Okanagan

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May 25/17

Join Paul Preston, the WildResearch Regional Coordinator of BC Nightjar Survey as he gives a presentation about the mysterious nightjars of the South Okanagan and the conservation efforts aimed at helping them. Paul will talk about the biology of the Common Poorwill and Common Nighthawk and their populations in the South Okanagan. In addition, he will tell us all about the BC Nightjar Survey Program which is a citizen-led road-side survey program run for the past 6 years by WildResearch.
WildResearch was founded in 2010 by a group of six biologists and graduate students from Simon Fraser University. The group wanted to create a platform where biologists could contribute independently to conservation science. WildResearch’s first citizen science program was the Iona Island Bird Observatory, followed shortly thereafter by the BC Poorwill Survey (now the Nightjar Survey). Our Butterfly Monitoring was initiated several years later, along with a variety of workshops and events that brought our community together.

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