Speaker: Sue Elwell – Hummingbird Banding and Hummingbird Facts

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Sept 22/16

Sue Elwell will describe the process used to trap and band hummingbirds, the information gathered for the Canadian Wildlife Service and the US Bird Banding Lab, facts about the species in our area, plus interesting anatomical facts.
How did Sue become a bander? Cam Finley, who started the Hummingbird Project of BC in 1997, was looking to start a group to band in all the north/south valleys. Because of his friendship with Madelon Schouten and her association with the Vermilion Forks Field Naturalists, he worked for quite a few years trying to get a group going in Princeton. I volunteered to help in 2010 and was asked if I was interested in banding. I agreed and was trained in 2010 and 2011. Once I had my banding permit in 2012 the Princeton Group was off and running.

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